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A Brief History

Bob Harris Design is a design company operated by me Bob Harris with help from my girlfriend and life partner Cynthia Thomas. I started this business around 2001 in Gainesville, Florida as a drafting and home design company. I eventually expanded to Graphic Design and Web Development.

Beautiful spaces, clear precise and easy to read drawings, and a complete understanding of the project and needs of my client are the goals I have with every move of the mouse and every click of the keyboard.


I started out in this business around 1998 as a CAD tech working for Buffington Associates Landscape Architects and Planning and later as a CAD tech and GIS tech working for Genesis Group Landscape Architects, Planning and Civil Engineering. This is where I was able to develop my CAD and computer graphic skills. Previous to this I had earned my Bachelor of Arts in Architectural Design at the University of Florida and had a strong desire to move from landscape architecture to architecture. In 2001 during my job search I met Victor Raymos Architect. He had a sizable amount of work and suggested I go independent and sub contract drafting services for him. This was the birth of Bob Harris Design. With the help of Victor I was able to learn about building and the business of building. I then met other architects, builders, and home owners who enlisted my services. I will always be grateful and indebted to Victor for helping me start out and helping my business to become the extremely rewarding experience it is today.

Graphics and Web

In time it occurred to me that I didn’t want to limit Bob Harris Design to just drafting. I had the skills to do graphic design, web development, and architectural rendering. Before attending the University of Florida I had studied art and drawing at Broward Community College and Florida International University. Also, after earning my architecture degree, I went back to UF and studied HTML and Java for a few semesters. This is where I learned the basics of web development. I have since built web sites, designed logos and graphics, and drew 3 dimensional presentation models for various clients. I eventually learned PHP server side scripting language and MySQL on my own and started building web sites that anyone can update themselves.


I love my work and take great care in providing my clients with the highest quality design and drawing, as with this website and many of the projects I have been involved with. So please take a few moments browse through it. Give me a call, leave a comment or shoot me an e-mail if you have any questions about my services.

Thank You,
Bob Harris


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