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May 2007
Measure Historical Record
St Augustine, Florida

178 Avenida Menendez
Steadham home
Fred Henderich, architect
Circa 1910

I had the privilege of measuring this beautiful home in St Augustine. It is a 3 story house in the historical district. Here is a short history of the house.

Fred Henderich is remembered as one of “…two leading architects to practice in St. Augustine in the first half of the 20th century.” (David Nolan, The Houses of St. Augustine)

Designed for the Bodley family and completed around 1910, 178 Avenida Menendez retains a good deal of its original appearance today. It is in a section of historic St. Augustine, next door to the Brooks Brothers’ winter home, and adjacent to a St. George St. tract rich with Henderich houses. Henderich’s father-in-law owned land on St. George St. that he developed, often enlisting Henderich’s designs.

This house displays many characteristics of Henderich’s work, including generous stairways, complex rooflines, dormers, and natural materials presented without ornamentation. In 2008, the exterior of this house retains well over 50% of its original, hand-gouged wood shingles. It was the first house in St. Augustine to have indoor electricity, and has unusual, transitional light fixtures featuring both gas jets and electrical sockets, to produce light using either energy source.

Henderich was notable for his development of Mediterranean Revival style. His works include Plaza Bandstand, Flagler Hospital (original), Florida Normal College, Excelsior School, the Visitor’s Center, and Marineland.